Build quality: The body of the camera feels great. The weight and the quality is there. Like when you compare an iPhone build quality to like an LG. They are both good products, but you feel the price over the other.

Video quality: 4K 60p. The only consumer camera that can do this at the moment. Continuous video recording is a game changer for me, personally.

Battery life: It’s not great, but it sure is better than my SONY RX100 V. The RX100 eats up battery really quickly. I have 2 extra batteries for my RX100. I’m thinking about getting 1 for my GH5 but that’s it. And there is no overheating issues, unlike with the RX100.

Ergonomics: The camera feels good in the hand, unlike the SONY cameras or even the Canon cameras, this camera feels extremely great in the hands. You can easily remove the battery and memory cards without removing the camera from a tripod. There is almost a dial for all settings you would need on the fly, and if you need to customize, there are plenty of buttons to choose from.

Flip out touchscreen: No need for explanation here. Is SONY paying attention???


AFC: Also known as Continuous Auto Focus. It’s not really a problem, it just doesn’t work that well. Meaning it works but like 65% of the time.

RAW image editing: The RAW file is a Rw2 file. I’ve found an editor that takes it. But Adobe Photoshop CS6 does not like this format as I cannot open it. This is a bummer because now I have to learn yet another program just to get some editing done with my RAW images.

Price: This camera will set you back. It’s pricey and you should be aware of the costs of this camera.

Menu system: It’s quite confusing at times. And the manual provided is a basic manual that does not go in detail about the functions of the camera. You need to refer to the online manual for in depth information. For the price you pay for this camera, c’mon, man! Panasonic should have just provided you with all the information.

More to come, but below is a video that I shot with the GH5: