Purchase bait?

I’m leaning towards, yes. 

One thing that I think will really hinder this camera – contrast detection AF technology. 

It’s old technology. Canon and Sony have improved AF technology. 

The AF is just poor. There are a lot of videos on the internet that show this. 

Lots of the comments state that you can still make content with this camera, that is 100% true. But unless you film video with someone holding the camera for you, the AF is pretty much unreliable. 

So with vlogging and self made videos are on the rise, this camera would have been the go-to camera. Not only was the AF marketed as better and improved, this camera is really under delivered in that department. 

$1999.99 is the price tag without a lens kit. 

Okay, if the technology justified the price, I’m all good. 

But ultimately, it is not. 

Unless this can be improved by the firmware update then maybe this camera is just purchase bait.