Received my Nintendo Switch on Sunday March 5th. I thought it came at a perfect time because I was traveling to Canada for a business trip and I wanted to see how the Nintendo Switch would hold up on the go for reals.

Here was some of the things I like and some of the things I don’t like about the Switch.

The Joy-Cons are fine with me. They are cheap feeling but they are pretty responsive but the buttons are so small that sometimes I press buttons that I did not mean to.

In terms of portability, the Switch is pretty much a glorified tablet with some controllers attached to it. The screen is okay, it’s not glossy so there are no reflections and it doesn’t track all that much fingerprints. But I still go a screen protector because apparently the dock scratches the unit? (fail, Nintendo)

But the design of the Switch is odd. The right Joy-Con is just a mess. I don’t like how the analog stick is lower. The charging port is at the bottom of the unit. I get it, that position is for the dock. But when you are on the go, that position can be cumbersome because if you want to charge the Switch and play at the same time, you need to handhold it and even then the wire is under the device and still gets in the way.

The unit is portable but it’s not very functional. Bluetooth headsets. I have a Bose QC35 that I can’t really take all of the advantages of because the Switch doesn’t support wireless headsets. When I was on the flight back to LAX tonight, I ran out of battery 1 hour into a 5 hour flight. There were no charging ports for me to plug in my USB C charger so the Switch was useless for the rest of the flight. Kinda sucked.

And that is where I have the final say about the Switch. Nintendo is all about the joy of gaming, or at least that is where I think they are trying to impose onto their fans and the consumers. They do not care about the specs, it’s all about the joy. But this is 2017 and consumers that spent 299.99 for a unit like this expect some present functionality options, such as Bluetooth support, better data management, 1080p screen, and better battery life (3 hours…).

I just don’t know where this device / console is going. Where is the direction? Maybe Nintendo has VR somewhere down the pipes? If I can game with the Switch and play VR titles, that would totally be unique and it would probably move a lot more units.

I think some reviews said it best, it’s a master of nothing, and that I think is the biggest problem with the Switch.