I’ve didn’t preorder the Switch but I was able to get it purchase on the launch day with Amazon and it is scheduled to be delivered on Sunday. 

Amazon Prime, thank you. 

This is what I am expecting:

Gaming on the go for reals. I want to escape into a new world when I’m on the go. I know I can play Ninentdo games at home but because I travel 30+ weeks out of a year, this device may be the console I’m looking for. 

My experiences with Nintendo have been up and down. Loved NES and SNES. Too poor for the N64 and the GameCube. At that time, PlayStation was the name of the game and everything was on PlayStation. 

It’s all about the games. 

What separates each console is their exclusive games. But the thing with Nintendo is they rarely have new IPs. And while Zelda, Mario, and Super Smash are great games, it’s the same thing over and over essentially. It’s like another iteration of Final Fantasy. We know what we are getting just a different setting, slightly different characters, a new but old storyline, and better graphics each time. 

I’m looking for games not like Uncharted or Halo. I’m looking for Horizon Zero Dawn. I’m looking for The Last Guardian. I’m looking for stand alone gems that are exclusive to one console only. (Sorry I don’t own any MS consoles, but I’m sure there are similar games to those that I am referring to.)

I don’t care about Miis, I don’t care about Virtual Consoles. 

Give me games, Nintendo. That is something that has always lacked in your arensal. It is the bread and butter for all consoles. And I hope you deliver. 

Games like GoldenEye. Games like SNES Killer Instinct. Give me more of those. I can’t play a new Zelda or Mario every couple of years.