I watched the movie over the weekend and it was a refreshing movie that has nothing to do with Jedis and the Sith. This movie is not about the Force, it is a movie about being rebels and about a rebellion.

Stakes are on the line in this movie and there is a real sense of urgency.

If you have never watched a Star Wars movie, this is the one you should start out with. Because the unfortunate side of having watched all Star Wars movie is not you already know what is what how the ending will impact the fate of the universe.

But again, if you haven’t watched ANY Star Wars movie, this is a great movie to start you off with. This movie had more acting in it than all Star Wars movie combined. That and its the most diverse cast of any Star Wars movie ever.

The action was great. It was refreshing because you don’t have Jedi battle, and let’s be real, not all of the Jedi battles are epic and hopefully the newer movies will provide better battles. The is a rebel rebellion movie and the battles feel gritty and real. Which is a good thing. What works is that again, there is a real sense of urgency and that there is means to an end.

All of the other Star Wars movies feel like, okay, who’s going to live and live another tale so we get to watch another movie about Star Wars. Not this one. This stand alone movie had a good tale of father and daughter, raises questions within the rebellion, and had real stakes on the line.

And there is some comedic moments as well.

But there are things that failed. The “call sign” moment where we actually get to witness the movie title in the movie felt flat. It didn’t connect. I think the movie could have benefited if Jyn Erso had a really good speech, kind of rallying the rebels together for their mission would have been nice.

And the pacing of the movie felt really rushed, now maybe that’s because there was sort of a timer on when to get the plans for the Death Star, but to me it was just rushed. I wanted a moment in a film to reflect on what has happened and what is about to come – it didn’t happen. The movie was long but somehow I felt longer for something more. I wanted to hold onto something but that something was not there.

I that something was relating to one of the main characters in this movie. This is where I think it hurt the movie a little – too many NEW characters introduced in a movie. They all had some important roles as well but it felt like I didn’t know which had more of an important role because they will had to be important and do something significant.

I applaud the director for taking a risk. You have to when you make a film like this. You need to when you make a film like this.

Darth Vader does make a few appearances into the film and those were some really great sequences.

All in all, this movie was delightful, it really worked on some levels but it did not really connect with me. It’s still a solid movie with some of the best acting in the Star Wars franchise. But the ending did not pull me in, I didn’t connect with any of the characters, and the movie felt rushed.

7.5 / 10