Here is my take on the new MacBook Pro by Apple.

This thing is a bust. After watching a pretty much all of the MacBook Pro reviews on YouTube, I’ve come to the the conclusion that this is not a laptop to purchase.

To put it simply, the new MBP is not innovative and there is nothing new.

The Touch Bar is a gimmick. It’s not that useful and it does not change the way to use laptops.

If you check out YouTube and actually use your intelligent minds and listen to the facts, you will find that the new MBP does not really have any improvements in terms of technology. What that means is this new laptop doesn’t have any edge over the previous model. It can’t even be called marginal. More like a baby step.

Again, Apple is doing something that just doesn’t make sense. If what you’ve done for the past 10 years or so is to have everything work together. Well the MBP doesn’t do that, it lacks ports and more specifically, you can’t connect your iPhone to the new MBP without a new dongle or a new cable.

It simply doesn’t make sense.

Don’t buy it, because logically there is no reason for such a purchase.