The last camera I purchased was the Canon Rebel T1i which was released way back in 2009. That camera has been great with me. The DSLR still takes great pictures regardless of the age.

What I wanted was something that was compact, better than my smartphone camera, and has some slow motion capabilities.

Looking forward for this camera to come. Just ordered it from B&H and it looks like it will be coming this Friday!

Mainly wanted a point and shoot that can really deliver. I’ve been researching a lot about cameras the past 2 weeks.

Please visit the following sites as they have help me tremendously in my decision:

Digital Photography Review

Imaging Resource

Ken Rockwell’s Reviews

Camera Labs

If you are looking to purchase camera and camera equipment, those are some of the best sites to visit. Read up on the reviews. With the consumer market so saturated with similar products, it’s really hard these days to just pick out anything.

Reviews are important these days, with brick and mortar stores dying out, we don’t have the option of trying things out before we buy.

You also have another medium like youtube which can be extremely helpful to get you information in a very short amount of time. And it can be entertaining as well.

Anyways, this new camera will accompanying me to Amsterdam in March / April. I have a couple of months to get to know the camera and learn how to take some great shots.

Looking forward to Friday.