First of all what is bicameral?

The definition is having two branches or chambers.

There is a lot of conversation regarding this and the jest is that there is argurment that the mind was divided into 2.

A speaking part and a listening part.

The speaking part dictated and the listening part reacted or obeyed.

That is why the last episode is called “The Bicameral Mind”.

Think about it.

The entire series was all about this. The Hosts would listen/obey the human(s). So the humans was the speaking part and therefore the humans would never lose at anything and could get away with everything.

What was Arnold /Bernard trying to accomplish? The goal was to create conscience. Can it be done? How to go about it?


This is the recurring theme of the entire series.

Why is it important?


Throughout the series, all the Hosts’ flashbacks were never pleasant. Almost all depicted of pain from violence or during an act of violence.

Violence inflicts pain and pain is a memory best remembered.

Look back in your life. What most stands out? Sure there are nice and sweet memories but it’s the bad ones that lingers. And it may very well be the bad ones that shape who you are or will become.

Maybe Arnold / Bernard knew this and had to inflect something unthinkable.


Have Dolores murder her creator. But is Dolores special? Does she have a different mind on the inside?

I think not. The show does not depict anyone use with special feelings or ways of thinking.

Dolores is only special for the simple reason that Arnold / Bernard wanted her to be the first to have a conscience.

The question is why create conscience at all? Westworld is a theme park for consumers to enjoy. So why create something so complicated with that context?

Was Arnold / Bernard trying to replace his son somehow? Did he want others to feel his pain? This is the part that I do not get.

More thinking on this is a must.