Just could not say no to the Black Friday deal from Bluffworks. Ever since taking the new job as a consultant, I have been traveling 30+ weeks out of a year. This year, I traveled 31 weeks and finally was grounded for the holidays at the end of the year.

Like all beginner travelers, initially you pack everything. All the heavy and unnecessary items go into your luggage and you haul that everywhere you go.

I quickly realized that I was not going to be happy going that route. So I started to do my research.What I came up with was a few brands – Tom Bihn and Bluffworks.

I carry various work equipment and I wanted to be light on my feet and being able to haul everything in a compact form. So the Tom Bihn Synapse 25 was my first purchase and that has solved my problem with heavy backpacks, by I digress.

Bluffworks, what intrigued me was the design. When you travel, you want lightweight and functionality. The Chinos come with phone pocket and zippered pockets. I always wanted to purchase but the price was just a bit high.

So I just had to pounce on their Black Friday deal.

The Chinos were on sale of course but my choice of color was not in, at least my size. So I went with my second choice of color – khaki.

Received the pants today and boy, am I amazed.

First, I noticed just how light they are. Incredible.

Second, after wearing them, I really appreciate the material because it stretches!

Third, the quality seems to be good. Everything feels nice and the pockets are nice. I always worried about the zippers because they can either make or break the functionality and these were fine.

Overall, very impressed. I will be using these next year for my business travels and for my two and a half week trip to Amsterdam in March / April.

Below are the pictures.