I do not own the DJI Osmo Mobile. But this gimbal has been getting a lot of attraction and it seems that almost all of the reviews have been overly positive.

However, I feel that this is because the device was given to those reviewers on YouTube and most likely produced some biased reviews.

The tech that is promised is well, promising. Stable videos to capture just about anything that you can think of. But if you visit the forums, you would be seeing something different.

Most are having issues with the OIS found on the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Apparently DJI’s app does not or will not turn off the OIS in the phone and all who have the 7 or 7 Plus have what is known as the bobbing effect. Meaning, the video is not stable. WTF, right?

Second some phone can’t shoot 4K, some notably Samsung phones. 4K seems to be a big issue as most users are reporting jittery video. Unacceptable.

Third, it seems that the auto focus with the DJI app is an issue when shooting time lapse videos. It’s working the camera’s focus consistently and users are reporting out of focused video.

I would have to say that I was on the bandwagon when this gimbal was release and was going to purchase. But after reading, viewing, and thinking about the Osmo Mobile, I can safety say that I will not be purchasing. Too many bugs that this company needs to iron out.

Still looking for a usable gimbal for my euro trip next year. Hopefully something comes out that is actually worthwhile and functional.