First off, the series was good. The first few episodes were gripping and very well played out. The turn came around the 4th or 5th episode when it occurred to me – there was not going to be a killer found.

Why did I come across to this conclusion? Because the show was so slow and so focused on Naz, that if you really thought it was anyone else, the series finale episode was the only episode to truly shed light on that.

Why did I know?

Because after (Stone) ran after the black dude that was accompanied by the other black dude that shouted racists remarks, nothing came after that. He only reappears on the series finale I think, if he did in previous episodes, then it was of no effect because I didn’t remember it.

Was this a crime drama? Were we suppose to be lead to the killer? I don’t think so. The show was not portrayed that way, not like True Detective. This was a story about Naz and Stone, really. How they go about things and who Naz truly was.

I’d say this is probably a solid 7/10 mini-series because things felt rushed at the end, especially the series finale. I don’t really want to spoil everything so that’s all I’ll say. The show was good, could have been great – but then again, hindsight is 20/20.