I’ve been contemplating this purchase for a while. Why get another noise cancelling headphones when I already have one?

I can only blame myself for not looking ahead. When I first purchased the Seinnheiser Momemtum 2 Wireless, I was looking for the best noise cancelling headphones not named Bose. The reviews of the Bose were quite good but I was looking for something that gave me good sound quality as well.

After 1 year with the Momemtums I decide to switch it up. The problem with them is that they are bulky as hell.

Here take a look:

That is a crazy amount of sizing difference. When going light I often find myself asking where to put my massive headphones?  And that will no longer be the case.

I’ve tested the two headphones side by side. Here is what I think of the Bose vs Seinnheiser:


Seinnheiser produces better sound. I’m no audiophile but the Seinnheiser just sounds better.


Tie. Both brands are all about quality.

Noise cancelling:

They say over the ear does better but to me these are about the same. I played loud music and put these headphones on and they cancel about the same amount of noise.

So it’s a tie.


Easy. Bose.


Seinnheiser. This one is easy. It’s wireless and wired if you want. It has Bluetooth and NFC chip inside. And the headset talks to you, letting you know the battery levels and among other things.


To be determined. From my experiences the Seinnheiser is really comfortable. The material for the muffs are good if not great. Nice and soft.

The Bose, we will have to wait and see.

Philosophy of use:

When you compare it on paper, it’s not quite the difference other than size and say technology. But it’s about the uses of the two that should be in the minds of the purchaser.
Do you travel? If so, Bose is the one for you. If not, and if the bulk does not hinder you, the Seinnheiser is a great choice. The major difference is the price. Because I traveled so much I redeemed both with miles. Otherwise the Bose is about 100 dollars cheaper. The counterpart is the QC25 which is over the ear noise cancelling headphones. But I think the Seinnheiser has better sound.

Is the Seinnheiser dead to me? Absolutely not. I will be using these as my main headphones when I’m back in town. The Bose will be strictly for travel uses.