After getting the Aeronaut 45, traveling for work has been a breeze. The ability to one-bag everything into the A45 was pure joy.

Something eluded me however. I had a small backpack that I was able to stuff into the A45 to carry my iPad mini and work paperwork but it was not able to fit my work laptop.

The work laptop was just out in the open. I wanted to carry everything in one bag, work laptop, iPad mini, work stuff.

Inbound the Tom Bihn Pilot.

Here is proof that everything worked out:

The laundry sack contains the following:

4 pairs of underwear

4 pairs of socks

4 shirts

1 pair of pants

1 thermal long johns

1 beanie

Needless to say it is stuffed.

I have the Spiff Kit Deluxe that houses all of my toiletries. And the Side Effect is now inside the Pilot. Side effect is for everything cables.

So far everything fits into the A45. Looking forward to my next business trip in 2 weeks.