Received some Tom Bihn items last week:


Aeronaut 45 Burnt Orange


Travel Tray Wasabi

Got the Absolute Shoulder Strap as well.

These have been with me since my business trap this week. Tried to do the one bag thing but that didn’t happen. I guess I’m not that minimal yet. I believe it’s just my mindset, that and maybe I had to pack some thick warm clothes for this New York business trip. Maybe I need to start investing in some light weight, thin, and super warm clothes.

I was trying to fit my Synapse 25 in the Aeronaut 45 as well. It does fit but it also eliminates one of the side compartments of the Aeronaut 45. So I think if I want to one bag it all, the S25 has got to go.

I’ll try to document and chronicle that next week since I’m coming back to New York for another week or two.