Latest addition to my travel gear:

Logitech t630

I guess the mouse has been around for a while now, I just haven’t ever looked for a minimalistic mouse.

Here are some side by side comparisons with my other Logitech mouse; the M510.




These days, I’m all about shaving size and weight. And by looking at the pics above, you can see why I opted for a new mouse. The M510 is GREAT! BUT for traveling purposes, it was a bit bulky. The new mouse is fine for what it is. Is it a game changer? Nope. But it’s slim and small and for the most part, it does not take up an USB port!!! That was the deal breaker.

My work laptop has 3 USB ports, 1 of which is broken, so I really only have 2 ports. And when you are traveling, USB ports gets taken up. With the M510, I had to dedicate 1 USB port ALL THE TIME for the mouse. So with the t630, This will free up 1 USB port and save some weight along the process. What’s not to love?