Today I received my Side Effect. I wanted something that match my Tom Bihn S25 and the Side Effect I got was the exact same colors as the S25.



Here you see what I am going to (jam) pack into the Side Effect.


BlueKi USB Portable Battery
WD Portable HDD
Dell XPS 13 power brick & cable
Dell Inspiron 15 power brick & cable
Anker USB Port Charger
Dell USB Adapter
Apple Lightning Cable x 3

Here is the result.


So here, I have everything in the pack EXCEPT 1 Apple cable and the BlueKi charger. I wanted the back compartment to store these because I figure these are something that I need quick access to.


This added extra bulk in the back and I didn’t like that. And it was a bit hard to zip up the zipper.

So here is the final result.



Here below (sorry for the low quality picture), you can see that it fits the lower front compartment of the S25 very well. I have room for other things in there actually:



Another win for Tom Bihn. I will get my further impressions after my trip to Baltimore next week.