Day 1 –

Traveling with the backpack fully loaded was great because it was there was a lot less depth to the backpack compared to the Xenon. I had everything in the backpack including my two laptops and I was able to get around rather easily around the airports and on the airplane.

What I’m saying is the backpack was not bulky. The Xenon when under seat on the airplane often gets stuck because of all the bulk. I didn’t experience this with the S25.

Day 2 -4

Only work laptop and the essentials. It was super light and I loved it. And I had lots of room for other things. I was able to fit 3 regular sized water bottles in the water bottle compartment in the front of the backpack. Kinda crazy.

Dell Inspiron, iPad mini, pencil case, Id carrier, credit card holder and chargers with me. Oh, and a rain jacket.

Day 5 –

Last day at work and traveling home. I was tired this day and decided that I don’t need to have the work laptop with me the entire time. So after work, I packed the work laptop into the roller-on luggage. That made my life a lot simpler and less heavy.


What did I learn?

I think I can be more efficient. The credit card holder I have is actually very big and long and packing it at times is awkward because of the dimensions.

After getting back home I was brainstorming a bit and was almost about the purchase a passport carrier but I was actually able to fit the passport into the id carrier. The id carrier also has pockets and a zipper so I can store the passport quite securely and I can also put in additional credit cards.

The tactical tailor admin pouch was too small. So I decided to order the side effect from Tom Bihn to accommodate this issue.

As for the medical pouch I think I over packed. I think I should have something a bit smaller but then again you never know what can go wrong.

I’m trying to get packing just right for business trips. I plan on using the backpack as an edc for trips to the coffee shops and hiking.