The backpack that I have been using for my job / travels for the past year has been the Samonite Xenon 2. This backpack have both pros and cons. The main issue that I have with this backpack is that it is heavy. By itself the weight is 2.9 lbs. and the compartments when fully used is extremely bulky and this is somewhat of an annoyance when trying to fit the backpack under the seat of an airplane.

What do I carry?

Here is a list.

Dell Inspiron 15

Portable USB mouse

iPad mini


Credit card / passport holder

ID Carrier

Pencil case

Portable HDD

Portable USB Battery Pack

Noise cancelling over the ear headphones

USB cables

Portable USB Charging Station
I needed more space

So I wanted something that was less heavy and can fit more things into the backpack without having the backpack being stuffed.

The work laptop is not the greatest. It’s actually slow and I do not like using it but it’s a work requirement that I use company property.

My personal laptop is the new Dell XPS 13. I love that laptop because of the portability. It would be my choice to actually carry two laptops in the same pack but couldn’t because all of the items listed was a complete fit into the Xenon 2 – could not fit anything more.

I have been on the lookout for a backpack that can do it all.

My research eventually took to Tom Bihn. Many review sites have sworn on the quality of Tom Bihn products. And I love that it is made in the USA. Not crazy about the price of the products though. Miminalistic review websites also swear by Tom Bihn. For a person (me) that travels 35+ weeks out of the year, traveling light but full and being as minimalistic as possible is key. You want to be able to get everything you need on the plane and not check in your bags because time is money and time should not be wasted.

Upon reading many reviews, I have settled on the Tom Bihn Synapse 25. I will not be reviewing the product because it has been covered by so many websites that I do not feel the need. I will be posting about my experiences with it.

I was excited to have received the backpack today because I will be traveling next week and it should give me some good and bad experiences with the bag. I purchased the cache for my personal laptop and so far everything I need fits into the backpack.