Dell XPS 13 review:

After 2 months and over 10,000 words typed on the Dell XPS 13, this is what I think.


Battery life and power

Fingerprint magnet

The battery options are something that you will need to play with to get what you want to do with the laptop, Mostly during my 2 month period with the laptop, I used it primarily for work and school work. I played no games.but just with normal work stuff you will need to adjust the power settings to accomendate. I just found it annoying. My MSI gaming laptop doesn’t need to do such a thing. This happens even when the laptop is plugged in. Annoying.

If you want to have the laptop looking good you will need to clean this after use. The keyboard is a grease magnet and you will need a damp towel to get off the mess.

/everything else about this laptop is what everyone else is saying. Good build quality, better than average speakers, keyboard is good to type in.

I would recommend this laptop for travelers and workaholics. The screen is great and the packaging is a 11 inch body is superb. However a 13 inch laptop is what it is. There were times when I just wanted more screen size, the constant scrolling of the track pad just seem to never end. Especially if you are working with big excel files.

Still a great laptop, Just consider what you will be using it for