12 years.

It took me 12 years to finally obtain this holy grail of mine.

Let the impressions begin.

Let’s go with the things I don’t like:

Made in China

Price – it was ridiculous. If uiu are in search for this piece of clothing, be prepared to be broke afterwards.

Made in China – WHY? JUST WHY?

Good things starts here:

Super soft. The leather is sheepskin. Never had it before and I dig it. Its super soft and has a distinct smell to it. Feels ever nice against he skin. But I will suspect that it is prone to wrinkles over time.

All website state that you should hang leather jackets. I will do the same. This will reduce wrinkles and help straighten it out.

Size is of the importance.
This is one jacket where if you get the size wrong, you’d be crying right now.

From what everyone said about Bape Japan was accurate. You up one size. That means if you wear small, you get medium.

My example was that I am normally a medium and I went for a large. Was I sweating bullets? Yes. Because there are a lot of different measurements for this jacket on the internet and you will be confused.

In my video I provided some measurements. So check that out.

The jacket fits perfect for me.

Things I’ve noticed:

Nitpick time.

The jacket is about 95% replica of the one worn by Kimura Takuya in the Japanese drama series, Hero and Hero movie.

The stitching on the jacket is different and I believe the ends of the sleeve is different.

The OG has everything double stitched. This prevents wrinkles and I believe make the jacket look better on any person wearing it.

Small things like the APE patch on the inner left of the jacket is missing and the neck tag is not of camouflage tag.

Other than that, this is pretty much the jacket. The grail.

There have been reprints of the jacket, mostly with camouflage interior design. I don’t mind the camouflage but if I am dropping major dough, I am going for a close replica.

Some replicas come with a zip hood. I don’t like it because if the zipper that will be around the neck/collar of the jacket.

Should you?

That question is up to you.
Do you want it?
Can you afford it?

Some questions to think about. It pretty much inline with a price of a decent macbook pro. But you will need to get with an Japan auction agency to help you obtain this jacket. That alone will cost more because they take a commission of the entire purchase.

I will provide another post about this jacket. That will have some detailed snaps of the jacket.