Went a bit crazy for the last few months.

All products were purchased at skdtac.com.

I can not say enough about this website, they are extremely good with shipping – 2 business days to get to your house. And they always ship on time!

PIG Plate Carrier – Multicam
PIG Hydration Carrier (3L) – Multicam
HSGI Improved Modular Bleeder/Blowout Pouch – Multicam
Esstac Pistol KYWI Double Mag Pouch – Multicam
US Flag Velcro Forward & Backward Patch – Multicam
MSM “All Out Of Fucks To Give” PVC Patch – Multicam
HSGI “Pistol TACO” Sing Universal Pistol Mag Pourch – Multicam x2
SKD Tactical Ball Cap, One Size Fits All – Multicam
Aimpoint PRO
Troy Alpha Rail 15″ – Flat Dark Earth
Griffin Armament M4SD-II Flash Comp (Gen 3)
Tactical Tailor Fight Light 5.56 Double Mag Pouch – Multicam x2
Magpul RSA Rail Sling Attachment
PIG Full Dexterity Tactical (FDT) Gloves

about $1400 on all this gear.

I’m ready for some shootin’ and training!