First thing you want to do before even thinking about building your AR 15 is do you really want to go through this route?

Granted, people like to be hands on and all that but remember, you do not have any experience building a firearm. That usually means you probably do not have the necessary tools to even attempt to build an AR 15, yet.

Just being realistic here. But if you do decide to build it on your own, more power to you. And here are the tools you will need –

1 – Table Vice – preferably a very good vice that is bolted to a table; a table that doesn’t move. Why? Because you will be torquing barrel nuts and compensator / muzzle brakes. So you need something that is VERY STABLE.

2 – ProMag Vice Blocks – you will need this to setup your upper and lower receivers





3 – AR 15 Armor’s Wrench Tool – this is going to be for the barrel nut and castle nut as well as the compensator / muzzle brake device. It should have all the appropriate openings.




4 – Punches – lots of little parts that you will need to hammer in. And to do that, you will need punches. Take a look at the picture and you will see all the sizes that I used for my build.


5 – Hammer – You will need a Brass hammer. Why? Do when you miss hammering in your part, you don’t fuck it your upper / lower receiver.



Good luck with your builds.