It’s here. I’m proud to say I am a new owner of an Omega Speedmaster 125. You don’t find many watches like this one. For one, it’s a vintage watch. Omega introduced this watch it 1973 and it was a limited edition watch where only 2000 pieces were made.


The watch was noticed by me while watching a drama. It was a highly popular series in Japan called Hero. I loved the series but more importantly I was intrigued by the watch the main character was wearing. My first impression was that it was a MASSIVE watch. It was boxy looking. It was not particularly sexy looking at first, but it was a very unique watch that I have never seen before.

I first watched Hero in 2005. At the time there was no way I could afford this watch. I was 20 years old at the time and the watch was about 2000 USD at the time. I gave up then. Not entirely, just for the time being. I said to myself, this will be the watch that I will want to have eventually.

8 years or so have passed.

And on 9/19/2013 I was able to go and pick this watch up.



The watch is about 39 years old. So it was expected to have some scratches here or there.

No worries, as soon as I picked up this watch I was off to a watch maker with over 40 years of experience. He will have the crystal replaced and the watch’s stainless steel finish re-finished and polish to take out 99% of the scratches and make it look like new again.

That is the immediate things I will be doing to the watch.

Eventually, I will get a new dial, new winding crown, new sets of hands and new set of pushers.

But for now, the watch of my dreams is finally mine.