So 2012 was just okay for me.

Beginning of the year I had a major let down when I could not get in one of the much needed classes. But luckily I was able to get in during the fall semester and pass the class. I believe I am ready to transfer. Finally.

Decided to pick up the game of golf. I did play when I was younger and in high school. But this was for reals now. I wanted to be able to shoot low scores. I started to care about the equipment and everything else about golf. Is it my passion? Probably not, but it is something that I do enjoy and hope that one I can play the game at a high level.

Work seems to be ever evolving. I’ve been with the same company for 5 years now. And these past couple of weeks I have reflected on these years and my life in general. It seems so surreal that I am 28 years old and still here. I never imagined myself being here and at this age. Honestly, I’ve never thought about all these things and I may have had a mini mid life moment. The plan now is to secure my future and before I can start that journey I believe I need to complete my schooling and at the same time be more conscience of my spending habits.

I am saving right now and honestly, the amount I saved this year was the most out of all the years I’ve worked and having not touched the savings for a whole year was a pretty big accomplishment, personally. However, I believe I can maximize my savings by doing a few more things and be careful about what I do with my money.

In 2012 I also decided to quit smoking. I found myself actually hating the habit and everything about it. The way it turned off people around me. The way the smoke would consume all of my clothes with its smell and how it made me feel. Growing up I was pretty active. Before quitting I found myself sweating a lot when doing minimal things and I am not over weight. Quitting never really crossed my mind before, but now it has been a reality and I am going to keep it this way.

2013 looks a bit scary for me. I hope to get a few classes at night and pass them and continue with a schooling at Cal State Fullerton. I want to get into this school because of the business program they offer. My goals are simple. Get in classes and pass them. But most importantly, learn something at school.

I guess that’s it for now. Hopefully 2013 will be okay for me and my family. Obstacles are sure to be in my way but I hope to overcome them and be a better person when it is all said and done.