My first smartphone was the Sony Xperia X10. That phone was received by me on 4/21/2010. That was the day I first tasted the Android OS. I did not initially want to get an Android phone, from the initial commercial of the Xperia X10 I thought it was just another Sony phone. I loved the design of the phone from the commercial and that was the main reason why I got the phone.

And ever since then I’ve had many other smartphones. Nexus One, Atrix 4G, Samsung Galaxy S2, and the Galaxy Nexus.

All Android smartphones. The main reason was because I wanted to differentiate myself from all the iPhone users out their. Almost everyone had an iPhone.

Android is an open source OS by Google. Open source means customization and every Android phone out their can be customized fully to your liking. This was something that I liked about Android. You are not trapped in a box, you are able to do as you please. All was great, except for one thing.

OS fragmentation.

Of the 5 Android phones I’ve had in the past 2 years, 3 of them had an customized version of Android. Not all of the customized Android OS functioned well. The Xperia X10 is probably the worst Android smartphone I’ve owned to date. The OS was buggy and sluggish. Seeing my friends with the iPhone 4 with iOS being smooth as butter, I was envious. Atrix 4G fared a bit better but it was also sluggish. Not only are the customized versions of Android mainly sluggish, they do not receive OS updates as fast as pure Google Android phones.

When I go on forums, all I read about is ‘when will I receive the latest update?’. This was always my question when I had non pure Android phones. I never really cared for the customizations to Android. It was fun for a bit but it does take a bit of work to get the phone the way you want it to look.

I just wanted something that works. I don’t want to worry about OS updates. I don’t want to care about customization. I wanted a phone that can deliver me performance and functionality. And while I still have Galaxy Nexus, I still feel it does not feel that the performance is up to my standards.

After 2+ years it was time to jump ship.

Enter iPhone 5.

Just prior to the phone switch, I initially went with the Android route on a tablet – ASUS Transformer Prime. That did not go smooth. After only about a couple of weeks of use, I returned the Prime and went with the new iPad.

So I’ve had a taste of iOS. It’s been great ever since. And I decided that the new iPhone was a good opportunity for me to switch.

iOS is just simple. I don’t have to worry about performance. The iOS functions smoothly. It loads quicker and operates faster. More apps that are booth compatible with tablet and phone.

One thing I always wished Google would do was make a phone aesthetically on par with the iPhone. I purchased the Galaxy Nexus for 585.50. And unfortunately it does not feel like a premium phone. It’s made of plastic mostly.

iPhone? Glass and metals. It feels like a premium phone. It is weighted. The Android phones have all felt pretty cheap to me. Some felt better than others but compared to the iPhone, there is simply no comparison.

Main reason why I switch.

With the introduction of iOS 6, the iPhone will now have its own maps app that gives you turn by turn navigation. This was always a deal breaker for me. I loved Google Maps on my Android phone. It is still the best navigation app for phones I believe. People have dogged the Apple Maps app but I’ve used it now for 2 days and it has worked flawlessly so far.

The other thing was the notification bar. It’s been improved and I like the new bar. It gives you weather, ability to post on Facebook and Twitter and almost all the things that you would see on Android. Mostly I care about emails and messages. As long as I get those notifications I’m good.

However, it’s iOS. People dog the iOS because its not open source. It’s a hassle to do things. There is little to none customization with it.

I don’t customize my phones. I like to let it run its original OS. I do not buy a phone and then in order for it to perform to my standards I need to make mods to it. I want something that simply works. People can say that iPhones are products from a cookie cutter. So? If the phone performs well does it matter if it is or not?

I hope I did not make a wrong decision.

I’ve had the iPhone for 2 days.

Will post impressions soon.