Browsing the internet on the PS Vita is a chore.  Much like the PSP experience, they browser on the PS Vita flat out sucks.

Most of the time it stops loading the web page and when you proceed to click a link on a website it does nothing.

No flash support, much is a bummer.  I can not access my music off Google Play and this blows.  My 4GB memory card has about 1.5GB left in free space.  The PS Vita does not have any storage memory or so it seems.

A very short list of Apps –

Paint Park App
Netflix PS Vita
Music Unlimited
Flickr for PS Vita

So while there is only 10 Apps on the PS Vita, most of them are somewhat okay to use.  I particularly like the Youtube App, it actually pretty smooth and fluid when browsing and watching videos.  Facebook App needs some work but for the most part it is okay.

I haven’t signed on to the Playstation Network in a long time.  And I am very disappointed on how the overall ecosystem of the whole store is laid out.

First of all it is a chore to look up a game and I guess because it PS Vita game library is so small at this point SONY doesn’t even bother to add categories of genres when searching for a video game, you just have to keep scrolling or search directly for it.  And most of the time you will come empty handed because it appears not much is on the PS Vita.

The home screen of the store is pathetic too.  And I thought the PSP’s was bad, on the PS Vita, it is worse.  Hopefully they update this part of store soon.  It’s just not a very good user experience.