Less than 24 hours in with my new PS Vita.

Gravity Rush so far has been a pretty good game. Not quite use to the controls yet but in time.

A few things about the PS Vita –

Start and Select buttons are hard to press. They do not stick out like the PSP, they are rather barely protruding out.

Start and Select Buttons on the PS Vita
Start and Select Buttons on the PS Vita

Sound quality is good but overall volume is lacking. If I am alone and in a quiet place, it is fine. But if I’m in a loud area I would definitely need head phones to hear.

The new UI is pretty a heavily skinned Android. At least that’s what it feels like. However I found my experience with the new UI a every positive one. It does not lag at all, the swiping through home screens are fluid and not slow. Touch screen is responsive.

I don’t like the fact that I can not play my old PSP games on the PS Vita. SONY needs to change this part. I want to play Vagrant Story on the wide screen beast!