Android, love the openness and the seemingly endless customizations that I can accomplish with you and yet I was never quite satisfied with the overall performance of you.

All my smartphones have been Androids – Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, Nexus One, Motorola Atrix 4G, Samsung Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Nexus.

I had the Asus Transformer Prime on launch day and it was simply too familiar. The Android Honeycomb was something that didn’t sit well with me and while the openness and freedom was there I didn’t feel quite right with the Prime in my hands. Sure it was sleek and the finishing was nice, it’s superior cameras (compared to the iPad 2) and higher screen resolution was something that I loved about the tablet. But functionality-wise, this was still Android. Scrolling through home screens and apps were bumpy. The keyboard on Android was not as responsive and web browsing left you a sour taste in your mouth.

So while everything seemed to be promising – ICS upgrade, future firmware updates, etc. I felt as if Android is always playing the catch up game. It was clear to me that I needed to have something that was ready now and not later.

Three months later enter the new iPad.

I’ve had the iPad for about 1 week now and needless to say I’m not returning it. The tablet is fluid and extremely responsive and packs a punch with the new retina display screen. I could live without the screen but the other two words that I mentioned – those I can’t live without. This was what I was hoping for with Android – something that was smooth and responsive.

I tried typing out a blog off the Prime. Couldn’t do it. Why? The keyboard sucked and the responsiveness was not there. With the prime I had to wait for the keys to appear on the screen. With the iPad it was instantaneous. Screen orientation lagged on the Prime, with the new iPad it is smooth and responsive.

You would have thought that browsing the web on an Android device was suppose to be superior compared to what iOS can offer. But with my experiences so far, the new iPad rapes and pillage what the Prime has to offer. The stock Android web browser was so horrible that I needed to use Opera Web Browser to get a decent web browsing experience.

And this was a recurring thing with Android is that whatever comes stock is just not good enough and that you are forced to tinker and find other alternatives to solve minor quirks and issues. Except the quirks and issues tend to pile up and the annoyance of trying to get something that is suppose to be useable to be useable is a laboring task.

Every Android phone that I have ever owned other than the Galaxy phones always needed a home launcher for a better scrolling experience, it always needed a better music player app, it always needed a better file manager app and etc.

With iOS it is just simple. It just works the way it should.

I think I will keep the new iPad. I never thought a tablet would be useful but it turns out I just needed an iPad.