Functionality –

Swiping through home screens is fast but there are some hiccups sometimes.  The screen is responsive enough.  ASUS keyboard sucks.  Not sure how you are suppose to type with that thing.  But the stock Android keyboard is working like a charm, however compared to the iPad 2, the keyboard for Android just can not compare.

Some apps are not yet optimized for the Prime – one thing bad about open source I guess.  Need to wait for optimization and this is completely up to the developer.

Glaring issues – GPS does not work.  This maybe a software or a hardware issue.  I’ve created a thread on XDA Developers to help narrow down the cause of the problem.  I’ve also contacted ASUS about this and I expect to hear for them soon.

Quality –

The build quality of this tablet is up to par with Apple.  It is very sleek.  A touch thinner than the iPad 2.  ASUS used brush metal for the back and it has
the feel of a premium tablet although just a bit cold to hold at times.

Screen is a finger print magnet.  Didn’t think I would need a screen protector but seeing how the whole screen all smudged up within a couple minutes of use changed my mind.

The screen responsiveness is not as great.  I would need to press a bit harder than I would compared to the iPad 2.  Which means typing is slowed by this as I would need to focus on each press carefully.  Good thing this tablet comes with force feedback but typing words with two ee or two rr is a bit difficult as the screen will only recognize one of the letters.

Honeycomb aka Andoid 3.2 –

Honeycomb is just nt a great OS which is why I believe Google went ahead and designed Ice Cream Sandwich aka Android 4.0.  Google never released the complete build for Honeycomb and its probably because they knew this was piece of junk.

Scrolling through websites have stutter and overall, the OS feels half baked and not optimized at all.  Right now it is not as enjoyible compared to the iPad 2 and that is a shame because on paper the Transformer Prime easily beats the iPad 2.  But Honeycomb holds it back.

Pros (so far):

Fast but lags a bit here and there
Built quality is top notch

Cons (so far):

GPS issue
Honeycomb is not a good OS
Screen responsiveness not as sensititive (maybe can be fixed via software update)
Fingerprint magnet

Still deciding if I should hold on to this tablet.  So far the tablet has not lived to the hype for me.  Perhaps when this tablet is uogrsded to Android 4.0 I would change my mind.  Good thing I did not spend money in the dock yet.