i found that some people in this world do not appreciate the kindness of others.

it’s a painful revelation that i’ve recently experienced first hand. i always thought that people had some good inside of them and that they would at least come to realize the things others do for them are out of kindness and simply being a nice person.

but i guess there are all types of people in this world. i will remember what happen and take it upon myself to learn from this. perhaps not all deserve to be treated with respect. i hope what i’ve experienced and felt is not so negative that i turn away all others.

but this past experience has truly opened my eyes. i will still try and respect and be kind to others – but i may just not be perceived as being a nice person by my actions. this is a painful revelation and i hope i will choose who i associate with in the future with more thought.

it is still good to know that i have real friends that back up my actions and be there when i am in need of assistance. you people know who you are, and i truly thank you from my heart.

thank you.

and for you, the person that have disrespected me so – i hope karma is kind with you. while you may have no respect for me, i still do for you. while at this time i think i still harbor some ill feelings towards what happened, in time i will forgive you.

i just hope that in due time you will come to realize your actions and know that you were wrong to treat me the way you did. while i do not expect an apologize or anything like that, i hope that you will too, learn for your actions and come to realization that it was wrong to treat someone like the way you did, especially given the history between us.