Okay, so I got into the Google Music Beta. The thrill of knowing that I was one of the first ones to get the Beta only last briefly.

This software is just simply lacking. I would suggest Google to actually develop a program that can be installed like iTunes and basically all us, the user to update a playlist or upload songs through this program.

Trying to update your library online is a joke to begin with. Why? Because of Lag. I hate lag and so should you. Why waste a large amount of time on doing nothing but waiting for a screen to load up?

Otherwise, the service is alright. Still very raw and it will suck if you are living in a zone that have slow internet signals. No signal, no songs. There were many times where I had to wait for the song to come up and sometimes, the program would just leave me hangin’.

Anyways, that’s just my quick take on this.