those that jumped ship – well, they jumped too soon. atrix will have its bootloader unlocked with the up and coming update. the update has been rumored to be android 2.3.4. for those that don’t understand the difference, this new update will bring google talk with video chat aka facetime.

new update will include a new updated version of motoblur that seems to run faster than the current motoblur right now on the atrix with some adjustments here and there. mostly, the stock OS will run faster, but how much faster?

if the stock OS runs better than launcherpro, which i do hope that it does, i wouldn’t have to use launcherpro any longer and just stick with the stock OS and motoblur. but chances are, launcherpro will be better.

also with the new firmware update, we will get netflix on the phone, hopefully sooner and later. better battery life for the new update as well.

now, the question is – WHERE IS THE UPDATE MOTOROLA?!