invested in a mutual fund (although the stock has dipped a bit, i’m looking for a long term return)

sold the Z and got a Prius (save me monthly on the transportation bills)

going to cancel cable internet in favor of AT&T DSL (cut my monthly internet bill by 60%)

joined my cell phone line with my family’s family plan (knocks off my monthly cell phone bill by 35%)

joined 24 hour fitness (working off that baby fat!)

sold my phones (took a hit, but brought back 550 bucks)

selling my used street fighter toys (sold for 93 bucks, not bad at all)

most importantly, going back to school in the summer and in the fall. can’t wait to get my schooling done and over with!

i’m looking forward to the next couple of years. all of these recent changes are to better myself later. mainly to cut back on the spending and start saving up for bigger and brighter things.