so plenty of things went on sale last week. all from my personal inventory. my phones and my beloved 370z. it’s crazy. but come to think of it, in the long haul, it’ll be worth it. the car is a very nice car. but with gas prices hitting though the roof, it just doesn’t make sense for me to own a car of that caliber right now. maybe in 5 years when i make much more.

as for the phones, i got only 1 sim card. so i sold my n1, x10, and e71. i made about 500 bucks back. i guess not too bad.

next up is my PS2 and some of my PS2 games. it’s time to get rid of the things that i won’t be using. i’m thinking of selling my Wii as well. PS3 is the way to go and that thing is a beast with a blu ray player.