it’s about time to get rid of some of my phones. i’m currently owning 5 cell phones – nokia e71, google nexus one, sony ericsson xperia x10, motorola atrix 4g, and sharp sh-01c.

it was time to get rid of some. not all. just some. 3 of the 5 needs to go. since the atrix is serving me really well, i thought it was time to sell the nexus one, nokia e71 and the x10.

nexus one was a really great smartphone. it was my answer to the lackluster x10. however, the phone is about 1 year old now and its a bit dated even with the latest android 2.3 os running on it.

the nokia e71 was my answer to the iphone users back in the day. i didn’t want to have a iphone but i wanted to have a phone that i can do emails, web surfing and some apps. the e71 was a great phone. superior build quality and very reliable. battery life was great for the phone.

and the x10 – it’s like a love/hate relationship. it’s very good looking and the build quality is okay. camera is pretty good for a smartphone. but the horrible android os developed by sony was just too much. i’ve tried my best to coup with the phone. flashing different roms and even rooting with JIT to make it faster. but compared to the atrix 4g’s speeds, it was time to put this puppy to sleep and sell it once and for all.

all 3 of these phones are on ebay if you are interested –


Nokia e71

Nexus One

hope these phones find a new home.