so i just received my Atrix replacement.

why did i get a replacement?

first of all the call quality is below par. it’s not xperia x10 bad but it was bad. people didn’t hear me correctly and saying that the quality was below par – i’m being nice when i phrase it that way.

second, the 2 led flash lights for the camera didn’t work correctly. one of the led flash lights went out. so i had just 1 good led light working. not acceptable when this is suppose to be a phone that goes head to head with the iphone 4.

i’ve got the phone in the hands right now. i’m not too thrilled about the new phone’s power button. i have to press the button ‘in’ more for it be activated. the old phone was very responsive. but the led works so, i might have to live with this one for a while.

i have 10 days to ship the old phone back. so i will play with this “re-conditioned” unit and see there are any other problems.