So I’ve had the Motorola atrix for about 1 month now. And I guess it’s a good time to talk about this phone.

I certainly feel the speed of the phone. After all, it is loaded with a dual core processor and plenty of ram and memory. So far, there have been a few hiccups along the way but compared with my Nexus One and Sony Xperia x10, the atrix simply flat out dominates these 2 phones.

Unfortunately, froyo aka android 2.2 on the atrix is quite disappointing. There is a definite lag within the OS and I suspect that it has to do with Motorola and AT&T with they own customizations of the android OS that lead to these like quirks. Scrolling is not smooth; the telephone keypad definitely lags with every press of a number. And Google voice does not seem to work with the phone.

The screen itself is nice and big. I think a 4 inch screen is just perfect and anything bigger is just simply too big. The nexus one is 3.7 inches and the xperia x10 is 4 inches, but I really like the screen that Motorola used. The phone’s screen is very scratch resistant and I have not been using a screen protector of any kind in the last 4 weeks and the phone is clean with the exception of fingerprints.

The stock OS really lacks and is a step behind in my opinion. I gave the stock OS a shot for about 2 days and I couldn’t resist installing LauncherPro on the phone. This Home app basically kills 99% of the lag and little quirks of lag on the phone and makes the scrolling experience better and almost iPhone like.

There is also a design flaw with the phone. The power button / lock and unlock button. This button is located at the top of the phone, like most phones. But it is placed at an angle and doubles is a fingerprint scanner. Basically you register your 2 index fingers with the phone and you can unlock the phone by simply swiping at the button. The bad thing about this is that you have to swipe somewhat slowly and with the fact that it is at an angle, it is very hard to unlock the phone while the phone is resting on a flat surface.

So say you want to check just the time, well, you need to pick up the device and swipe or press the button. It’s becoming a hassle. But not a deal breaker.

The phone is a bit misleading because the official name is Atrix 4G. But download speeds are anything but 4G speeds. AT&T is working on this but who knows when we will really see 4G speeds on phones other than the iPhone 4.

Memory storage is a big deal these days. Apps are everywhere and if you have a smartphone, sometimes the phone memory is just not enough. And unfortunately with android, not all apps can be moved to the SD card. But with 16 GB of memory on the atrix, I suspect this should not be a problem for even the hardcore android users that need every app in the market.

The camera is nothing to brag about. It simply is not a selling point of this phone. Having experienced a 14.1 ccd camera on my SH-01C made by Sharp, anything less than the options of that phone just doesn’t interest me anymore. The atrix takes average pictures. Enough said.

The battery life on this super phone is pretty average. With normal use, I’m able to get through a full day. With a lot of usage, it will last be about 9 hours. Not what I was looking for. I was hoping for a better battery life. But from my experiences with Motorola, battery life for their phones has always been somewhat of an issue.

I had a chance to snap up this phone for 149.99 for a 2 year contract with AT&T. But if you have the Nexus One or the Nexus S, I’m not too sure if you would be okay with this upgrade. AT&T limits their android devices and there are some apps that can not be sideloaded with the Atrix. So if freedom is what you are looking, stick with pure Google phones like the Nexus series. If you want something that is powerful but with certain restrictions, you can choose the Atrix. Also, you get OS updates a lot faster with pure Google devices.

Until next time I get a new phone.