Got the phone and here is what I think about it.

MotoBlur isn’t my thing. Maybe it’d be your thing but I grew irritated with the custom skin that Motorola put on the phone.

So what did I do? I downloaded LauncherPro and use that instead.

The phone is quick. Apps load fast. But scrolling through homescreens is still laggy.

I’m not sure why no one really mentioned this in their reviews (CNET, Engadget) but this is something that pisses me off.

But LauncherPro solves all of that. Gives me more homescreens and their own customized widgets that just beats almost everything out there.

The dialer sucks as well. Maybe I’m too picky but there is a slight lag as to when the number appears on the screen. Annoying.

The official name of the phone is Atrix 4G. It even comes with a 4G sim card.

But I don’t think this is 4G speeds. Out of 5 speedtests tested by the app, my download speeds are 3.10 and my upload speed is 0.38.

More to come.