Design –

The build quality is good however, it seems to be made with light weight materials hence the phone has a very cheap feel to it. Feels like the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 – solid build quality but feels light and cheap. The overall phone is glossy plastic so it’s a fingerprint magnet. The phone has curves instead of rectangular edges.

The phone itself is very slim and compared to all my other phones – Xperia X10, E71 and Nexus One, the phone is the slimmest. Very nice because it’s very easy to reach the keys and for text purposes, it’s very nice with one hand. This is a flip phone and not a smart phone so you should be able to navigate the phone and use its functions with one hand.

Functions –

Still fairly new to the phone and the OS and menus is confusing. Over time this should be a non issue.

Call quality is good. Speaker is loud and the person on the other line is heard. On my end people seems to hear me good. Compared to Xperia X10, this is a big step up. But compared to the Nexus One and E71, I believe the call quality is better on those phones. There is some static on the other end while Nexus One’s 2 microphone setup and noise cancellation makes calls extremely clear.

Text messages is a bit tough as there is no T9 and it can take a while to even spell a word let alone complete a full sentence.

As for music files, the phone only accepts MLD and WMA formats and I believe AAC. So it is a hassle to convert files and place them on the phone but the process isn’t a chore just an extra step. Transfer files is simple as you connect the phone to a PC or MAC and simply switch on microSD mode. Still easier to do than a non-hacked iPhone.

The SH-01C supports a camera with 14.1 megalpixel with flash. The image quality is good but not great. While I have not yet played with the settings enough, from what I’ve taken, the colors are a bit washed out. In low light situations the camera in AUTO mode takes crap-tastic pictures with an extra amount of noise. But switching to NIGHT mode makes the pictures look a ton better. Compared to the Nexus One which is basically a point and shoot camera with little to no adjustment settings, in low light situations takes better pictures.

The adjustment settings for the camera is insane for a camera phone. It basically has almost all of the adjustment settings on my Canon DSLR T1i. ISO settings was a surprise as I never had a phone with a camera that powerful to even adjust this. There is almost WHITE Balance which is good and definitely makes the pictures look nicer with the correct settings. So I believe once I’m use to the settings, my pictures will look a lot nicer.

I haven’t shot any videos with the phone yet so I will not comment on it but the video mode and take 1080p videos.

The big addition to this phone compared with the SH-07B is the WiFi addition. If you don’t know already, keitais normally does not allow you to access internet, MMS, and email. But with the addition of WiFi, you can now browse the web and even check email on the browser.

The battery on this phone is a mere 800mAH. Compared to the 1500 and 1200 found in my Xperia X10 and Nexus One, I was no pleased when finding this out. BUT, the phone has lasted me for a day of use. From 9:30am to about 11:00pm when I got home, I had about 20% left in the tank. Not bad at all. But I did not use the phone extensively. I made calls and texted some people. Normal use.

Issues –

Almost every keitai has a CPR issue – where the phone loses its signal and will not regain it back unless you plug in the sim card to another phone, make a call, put back the sim into the keitai to get the signal back.

So far, I have had only to CPR the phone a few times. But for the past 2 days I have not had a need to CPR the phone. Which is a good thing. I’m sure I’ll do a CPR again in the near future but as of right now it seems like the phone is solid and the hypersim is stable.

Final thoughts –

While the phone doesn’t give me email, internet and MMS – those are some things I can live without. But at the same time I’m not completely cut off from the internet as long as I have WiFi.

SH-01C is unique and like any other keitais, very, very rare in the US. I was getting tired of all the phones coming out – everything is a smartphone with a huge touchscreen but lacking style. Everything basically looked the same. A keitai of any kind is definitely a breath of fresh air from all the dull looking smartphones.


Build quality


Cheap feeling
No Internet, MMS and Email