Recently built a gaming rig. Finally had the money to throw down on the latest and greatest. This was a month ago with me going balls out on the EVGA GTX 480 SuperClocked Edition. This cards cost me like 5 bills a piece!

Fast forward to 1 month later. The GTX 580s have been released. And with EVGA, you not only get a limited life time warranty and you have a Step Up Program. Which means you get about 60 days to upgrade to a newer video card for the difference in price.

So with the new GTX 580s, it will cost me ONLY 19 bucks a piece. Yeah, that’s right. I’m balling with 2 video cards. So for a total of less then 40 bucks, I get the newest and greatest from Nvidia and EVGA.

I mean, how great is THAT?!!!!