So I decided to finally pull the trigger on an audio system.

It wasn’t really easy. Been looking for a decent receiver for about maybe 1 year now. With much to choose from I chose the Denon AVR-2311CI.
Denon AVR-2311CI

I believe it’s a pretty good mid-range receiver. I wouldn’t know, this is my first receiver, so I guess I’ll know after everything is set up. Maybe I’ll even post some pictures of the setup once I receive it next Tuesday.

Next I was looking for some speakers (obviously) and a sub. I decided to go a bit small with the speakers. So I chose the Mirage NANO SAT 5.0 speakers. Oh and the reason for 5.0 is because my room at that big and 7.0 would have been too much.

Now I didn’t get the Mirage sub because it was not recommended with my setup. So after a bit of a talk with the tech guy over at electronics expo, John suggested me to go with the Velodyne Acoustics Impact Mini because of my room setup. It’s compact and packs a huge punch.

Hopefully after next Tuesday I will be enjoying the system while I watch my movies, TV shows, games, and music.

Now I just gotta wait for the damn things to get there!!!