Okay so I have been playing around the new OS for a bit and these are some of the things that I have found –

Scrolling has been dramatically improved. There is a bit of lag here and there but it’s a great improvement from 2.1. Scrolling through the menus and apps are now *almost flawless.

Camera app has been updated. At first I thought it was just the menus that were updated. But after taking some pictures in low light I have found that the green tint in low light is now completely gone! When recording in video, you can now turn on the the camera flash and record in low light situations.

Of course the obvious works – Flash Videos are working fine – finally was able to part ways with Skyfire. Skyfire is good for phones that currently do not run on Froyo. But with native Flash support, there is no longer a need for such an app such as Skyfire.

Mobile hotspot tethering is now available and it works well too. I’m not going to expect fast speeds with the connection but it is nice to now that I now have an option for tethering if I want to. Now, I am not sure if this will be a feature that will be charged since I am with AT&T, but so far, all is good.

Keyboard has been somewhat refined. I think it’s a bit more responsive now than before. You can now also type in numbers automatically without tapping the numbers key to get your to the numbers. You simply drag up on the keyboard and the numbers appear right there.

I read the update list and it states that Bluetooth connections with Bluetooth enable Cars have been updated. Since I could not get my Bluetooth to work with my Nissan 370Z, I will try this feature out tomorrow.

So far, all is good with Froyo. I haven’t experienced anything wrong. Only improvements and they have been really good improvements so far.

Right now I am not sure if I want to get the new iPhone 4. To me I think the Nexus One is, so far, good enough of a phone that can hang with the iPhone 4.

I guess we Nexus One users are now looking forward to Gingerbread – the next Android OS update. Not sure what that will bring but if things continue with updates like Froyo, then I guess it will only be good things. So far I think Nexus One is a good phone. Not a great phone. But many with the Gingerbread update, it can become a great phone.
The phone definitely feels a lot faster than before.