After playing with the new iPhone 4 for a bit over the weekend (courtesy to Max), I really dig it. I have to admit I was in the Android Love Boat for a bit. But I can really see why the new iPhone 4 just might have an edge over Android phones.

First, it’s all about usability. And I think this is where the iPhone 4’s iOS4 has Android beat. Just scrolling through menus and opening and closing apps were smooth. Too smooth, compared with the Nexus One. By the way, I am running Android 2.1 and I am waiting for the 2.2 update as we speak.

The camera and video capabilities are insane. So what if the Droid X has an 8 megapixel camera? Is the camera itself good? From the photos have I’ve seen taken on the iPhone 4, I think that the camera is very well built. It gets a lot of light in the lense and therefore better shots and better shots in low light without the flash. 8 megapixel vs 5 megapixel…. err there is only a difference when you can see the difference right? And I think the 5 megapixel on the iPhone is better than the Xperia X10a that I have.

Since I don’t have the iPhone 4, I can’t be comparison.

So I guess I’m really debating on if I should get myself an iPhone.

I’ll say this – Nexus One is my current love right now. And if the new Froyo 2.2 update boost the experience I may just hold off on the iPhone 4.

But if it is not on par with the new iPhone 4, I may very well switch.