So I haven’t blogged in about a month. Not sure why but I guess I didn’t feel like it.

So let me start off by saying congratulations to the Los Angeles Lakers for winning the 2009-2010 NBA championship!!!!!!!! This was a great win because the Lakers were finally able to conquer the Boston Celtics. And they did it in dramatic fashion – took them 7 games to do it but they did it. Back 2 back championships! !!!!!

By the way I am typing the blog post on my nexus one. I find that the nexus one is a bit harder to type with compared with the xperia x10. But it will have to do because the nexus one is now my official phone.

However I am thinking about getting the new iPhone. Personally the screen on the iPhone is the reason why I want the phone. That and the OS is a bit more polished than Android.

This decision will ultimately be decided by the new froyo update for my nexus one. I am running the at&t version and I have yet to receive any updates for my phone. This sucks because while the nexus one is faster than the xperia, browsing through the phone still has a few slow moments. If what google claims is true and that the phone will be 3-5 times faster, then hopefully most of those slow moments will be gone.

I guess I am nit picking but what cmbags I say? I dropped over 5 bills on the phone, I should expect some good near perfection experience like the
iPhone right?

My xperia is currently my back up phone. Which is kinda sad because I really wanted to like that phone. I really really wanted to. But the short commings with the software is too much more me to bear. So while the update to 2.1 has been now pushed to Q3 of 2010, I believe it will be too late. Gingerbread is suppose to be releasing around that time. And with that I don’t think SE can ever really catch up.

I do think that SE and Google should collaborate and create the next official Google phone. SE makes the best hardware found on cell phones and smart phones and with Google backing up the updates, I think this will be a win win situation.

I’m out.