Over the past few weeks I had in my hand the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10. It was the first Android cell phone for SE. And things aren’t too peachy. The phone has one of the best specs out there for a cell phone. 4″ Screen, 8.1 Mega pixel Camera, 1Ghz processor with 1Gig of onboard memory for storage and support up to 32Gig mircoSD cards.

Great hardware minus multi-touch. But great hardware nonetheless. For me, the hardware specifications are perfect. We are beginning to reach a point with the touch screen cell phones that screen too big and with a 4″ touch screen, I think this is just the right specs. But then I guess it’s a matter of preference.

The only thing about the phone is that it lacks the software to take advantage of the hardware.

SE has announced an Android 2.1 OS update for the Xperia X10 in Q4. Way too late and it will become outdate when it comes out. This is the problem however, not with just the Xperia. All out custom UI Android phones such as the Droid, Evo and even the Desire share the long wait for firmware updates or upgrades.

Too many Android OSs are being used at the moment. Fragmentation is what they are calling it. And it’s hurting the Android market. Google has even come out and stated that this is an issue and will likely be addressed.

Which is why I am going with the Nexus One. It’s the official Google phone backed by Google. It will not have fancy UIs. But it will have the most up to date software and goodies compared to all other phones.

Froyo has already been released by Google. That;s right, the new 2.2 OS giving the Android phones a boost in almost everything.

Because the Nexus One is backed by Google, it will essentially have everything. While old Android phones or even new Android phones may never see the light of day of updates and firmware upgrades.

So while other phones that are coming out probably blow the Nexus One in terms of hardware competition, they won’t have full advantage of the phone until a software update and at the same time the software on the Nexus One is already completely being taken advantage of the hardware.

What I am trying to say is this – great hardware needs great software function at full potential.

Example with the Xperia X10. This phone supports 16 million colors. But because of Android 1.6 running on the phone, it’s stuck at 65k colors. SE announced that with 2.1 OS update for the Xperia X10, the phone will then record in HD video formats possibly 720p. 1.6 OS lacks apps from the market place for download. Battery issues, OS optimizations, etc. Quite simply too many to list.

But the phone will eventually get those things and maybe more. But in Q4 and by that time the NEXT Google Android OS codenamed Gingerbread is set to be released. So Xperia will be one step behind. Actually 2 steps behind because SE has yet to release any details about future updates after their own 2.1 update. And this will probably be an issue for some phone down the line.

Which is why Nexus One – if you are going with Android OS – is the best bet out of all the pack. There is simply no limits with the Nexus One. While phones such as the Xperia X10 will be limited and in my point of view, crippled.

My Nexus One arrives Tuesday next week, hopefully. And I will give off some first impressions when I get my hands on it.

Good Bye Xperia X10 from Sony Ericsson.

Hello, Nexus One!