I haven’t been blogging much over the past few weeks. Didn’t feel like it.

After watching last nights beat down of the Cavs. I had to write about it. My take anyways.

Lebron James is a joke. If LBJ wants to go around and have people call him “King” maybe he should act like one. Maybe he should STEP HIS GAME UP. Maybe he should take some responsibility for the way he played last night.

And I quote –

“I spoil a lot of people with my play. When you have three bad games in seven years, it’s easy to point them out.”

– Lebron James

This is the talk of a loser. A sore loser. The same BUM that didn’t show respect to the Orlando Magic ball club that beat them last year in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Let’s face it – for now at least, Lebron James can’t take the pressure. I think he’s a great player but his mentality is surely lacking.

The Cavs are a team of jokers. All you see them do is goof around. And it comes from Lebron James. Man, if the Black Mamba aka Kobe Bryant saw his teams goof off in the playoffs, you can bet that someone is going to get there face smashed in.

Someone should tell Lebron to go back to school – to college, get a degree, comeback and then give a statement of what happened because his response is of a bum and I think he may have played his last game in C-town. Cav fans should be preparing for the send off of LeLoser.