First of all, let me say that I do not have this problem with my PS3 (fat 60gig) and with my game of Final Fantasy XIII (launch day purchase).

However, I have a buddy who has it. Basically the game freezes but there is still access to the XMB Menus. This seems to only happen with FF13 in the system. No other game has this problem.

I’ve been doing some reading over the boards and online. This is a very serious problem and I can not believe this has not been officially addressed by SONY or Square-Enix.

One of them or both have to own up to this flaw and fix this issue. The game has basically killed a lot of PS3s and a lot of XBOX360s. For a game that sold so well, I can not even imagine the damage or how many people are actually affected by this.

I haven’t touched my game since the beginning of April. But this issue seems to go back in early March. However I have not even heard of for mentioning this issue. Maybe I didn’t check hard enough? But this is a huge issue for gamers.

There are a few theories –

The game is killing the lasers on the PS3 / the game is too much for the XBOX360 to handle. – I think this is somewhat legitimate. However, I have over 153 hours logged in my one game save file. But I believe I should have more than 190 hours in total time played.

It’s the game not the system. – Then example to me while there are bricked PS3s and XBOX360 because of this? If it was just the game, the console should otherwise play other games fine. This also isn’t just happening on the fat PS3s. The slim models have been affected and recorded on multiple forums.

Defect on the discs itself that causes the issue – I honestly this is the best theory of all. It would explain why only this game alone is bricking consoles left and right. This would also mean that the disc is causing the laser issues and therefore rendering the consoles to their death bed.

Those are just a few of the theories that I can think off the top of my head.

I took a risk yesterday and played the game for about 1 hour. Nothing was the matter. I was battling and walking and the game seems to play fine and load fine.

However, I will not be playing the game anytime soon. I do not want to brick my $600 hardware. So for the time being, I’ll be watching the boards and hopefully we get word from Square Enix or Sony or both about this issue. And if there is even a solution to this problem.