So somewhat of a entertaining weekend.

Watched the last 3 rounds of the Mayweather Mosley fight. It was a good fight and it really looked like Money had all the answers for Mosely and Mosely looked very old. Given the fact that he is 38 years old I think Mosely still has some fight left in him. But I’m not really sure who else he can fight other than Andre Berto and I am not even sure if Andre wants Mosely. I think if Pacquiao Mayweather fight does not happen, it will be Berto v Mayweather. And I doubt we will ever really see Clottey again against that miserable fight against Pacman.

Good fight and good win for Money May.


What can I say? They held a lead, let that go because they couldn’t or wouldn’t put away the game against Utah, and I was a bit scared for a few minutes for the Lakers. I seriously think that they need to step on the gas pedal and win. Close out the games, bitch slap the opponent, and make them look like they have no chance. Injuries are a part of the game and the Lakers are banged up – but even with all the injuries the Lakers are tougher and more talented than the whole NBA. They should close this series out in 5. One series at a time but close out the games!

After about 1 and a half week of using the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, there are quite a bit of issues. Timescape doesn’t work at times. Email notification does work at times. Lagging with Apps, serious battery issues and the low sound quality on calls is killing it. Just absolutely killing it.

Making calls drains the battery life and it basically kills then phone.

Hopefully a lot of the issues of the phone will be addressed and hopefully a new firmware comes out SOON.

I’m out