I hate to say this but this phone is not what it seemed. While I am not bent out of shape about the phone, there is MUCH that is desired and MUCH improvement needed for the phone.

First and foremost is the battery life. The battery life of this phone is a JOKE! It’s not just my phone, read some reactions on the web and you will see what I am talking about. Even with all the apps on Android that helps with the battery life, it still lacks and a lot of us have been left to dry as the phone dies within a day.

However, when I flashed my phone to firmware X10i with the newest firmware, the battery life seemed to have improved. I had to flash back to the original firmware because my phone was a X10a. If I had kept with the X10i firmware, I would have never received any future updates for my phone, updates such as the new Android version.

The other thing is the call volume. It literally sucks. It’s low volume even when turned all the way up. Again, X10i’s latest firmware fixed this problem somewhat but because I had to revert back to the original old firmware, it sucks. In a loud environment you will not hear anything clear.

Timescape, one of the big highlights for the Xperia X10 has been a downer. While it is nice that you have an app that syncs with your email, Facebook and Twitter, not all of the functions are there. For instance Direct Message, Twitter @ replies and writing replies to Facebook. The most that you can do is update your own status on either or both.

Camera functions are weak. When you think Sony Ericsson, you think about their digital cameras – especially for their phones because they have been rolling out great camera phones since the P1i. However, the X10 lacks a true flash. You get a photolight which literally does nothing and will not improve picture quality in low light situations. When the taking pictures during the day it is fine. Not great. It’s just fine. I will say that it is better than the iPhone, but compared to other Sony Ericsson camera phones, this is a step backwards. Sony Ericsson is suppose to excel at the camera aspect of their phones but the X10 does not provide the best of the best. No recording HD quality videos. This is a suppose to be the flagship model for Sony Ericsson, right? I guess it’s not.

The build quality is great. However with the phone being light in weight, it doesn’t feel like an expensive phone. My Nokia E71 still feels better.

Perhaps I am not too familiar with Android but this is a phone. And I am guessing that this goes for all Android phones since they are using somewhat of the same OS – making a call is simply a hassle. Coming from the E71, you get to select a contact by spelling out their names with the QWERTY keyboard. It’s very quick. However with Android’s OS, I must tap the Dialer (and wait) for the screen to load, tap the Favorites or Contacts (and wait) for the screen to load, and tap who I want to call (and wait) for the load, and then finally tap the phone number (and wait) for the phone to place the call. THIS IS A FREAKIN’ HASSLE!!!!

Android needs to take a look at what Symbian OS does because while I think Android has a lot of potential, it does not do any one thing best. But I do think that mult-tasking on the Android is very good. What is not good about it is that none of the apps actually closes and therefore you must use an app to shut down app. Pretty stupid if you ask me. No exit or close button for apps. This wastes battery life and memory and causes slow down for the OS.

Truth be told, this was a super hyped phone that does not live up to any of the expectations. Out dated OS with many bugs doesn’t help the phone out either.

Sony Ericsson promised updates. This phone desperately needs some new firmware with bug fixes. I don’t really care for the new version of Android because this phone needs to fix its bugs first before it even tackles on a new OS.

I am really thinking about the NEXUS ONE because that phone looks to be a well built phone that has quality and functionality of a great cell phone.

The Xperia X10 set me back a few bills so it won’t be anytime soon for the NEXUS ONE, but I am very leaning towards that device.

Thanks for reading.