Okay, it seems like my internet is whacked out of its mind. Many sites are not working for me at home. Including WordPress. Which is why I will be doing the review of the Sony Xperia X10a on the phone itself. That’s right. I am typing with the phone as you read this.

Coming from the Nokia E71, this phone is pretty difficult to use. A big learning curve. The OS is pretty easy to understand but I guess things will get easier as the time goes on.

The feel of the phone is a bit weird. Not exactly a fine fit in my hands. The E71 fit like a charm the first time I held it. The phone is lighter which I don’t really care for. The phone is solid and built nicely. Nothing really feels too cheap.

Honestly I was surprised how thin it was. On the official video the phone looked huge! But it is only a bit longer than the E71. The buttons feel solid. They have a good feel to them when pressed.

The one thing about the S60 OS on the E71 is that it is very open and I believe to make sure that it is a phone first before anything else. I do not like the fact that I have to go through 4 to 5 different screens to make a call. This is probably my biggest issue with Android right now. I want to make a call quick, not slow.

What I do love about the Xperia is that it takes Twitter and Facebook and put them in an app called Timescape. I see all the updates made by my friends all in one place. And with style. Too. It is easy to use and easy to update status. This was a chore however, at first, because with the original keyword, typing was a pain in the butt. With an modified keyboard, all is well.

I was not too keen with how you can not access files on the phone. There was no file manager. This was a bit of a shock to me because I had thought that all phones would have that by now. I guess I was wrong. But you can download an app for that. What I don’t get is why does it not come it a file manager to begine with?

What I can do with the phone is take really good pictures. I have always been impressed with Sony Ericsson’s cameras that they put in their phones. And as the flag ship Sony Ericsson phone, the camera is great. 8 megapixel camera that can take really crisp pictures. But no HD recording. Decent video recording to say the least. It is like a point and shoot camera but. Don’t be impressed with the quality in low light conditions. Overall better than a majority of the phones out there.

The phone is sleek and thin. Big 4 inch screen. My friend was impressed with the screen when first seeing the phone for the first time. Looks like apps are the solutions to my problems with the phone. That’s not a bad thing. But it will take up some space in the already somewhat limited space on the phone itself. Android phones can only install apps to the phones memory. And with only about 400 megs of space, its not exactly a lot. Only time will tell if this will limit the phone.

The phone operates very fast. I really like the speed compared to the slow E71. There is lag not not a lot and not as long as the E71.

Overall I’m quite impressed with the phone. More impressions after I spend more time with the phone.

I have included some pictures take with the Xperia X10 and a video of the phone doing its thing. Enjoy!